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Natural Unnatural, 2005

What You Don't Do Right, 2006

Ruthless Traffic, 2006

Lebanon And Off, 2007 (Avaliable to view on youtube now! More information coming soon)



Natural Unnatural

This music video was created using Magic Trees, and a small set which I made using modelmakers grass and bright blue card for the sky.

The magic trees were filmed for a few seconds every 15 minutes for 11 hours. I later edited the footage and used 'My Angel Rocks Back And Forth' a song by Four Tet, whose album 'Rounds' works on loops not only in each track itself, but through the album as a whole.



What You Don't Do Right

This is not strictly speaking a music video consisting only of one song, instead it is a mixture of ambient noise and part of a song. The music i used is a track called 'Special Cases' by Massive Attack off their album '100th Window' The video i made was one of the first investigations i made of the relationship between video and music, this was reedited and recontextualised by use in Video Installations.



Ruthless Traffic

The footage used in this video was filmed about half a year before i edited it, i was in a very particular mood at the time of filming, and i wanted to capture this and exaggerate it through the use of a suitable soundtrack. I came across Amon Tobin later, and the soundtrack album he made for the computer game 'Splinter Cell Chaos Theory' and found the song 'Ruthless' to be perfect in mood, and also the sharp, fast speed for synchronisation and for manipulating movement in the video. Like 'What You Don't Do Right' i tried different edits of the footage in Video Installation's.